The most common and preferred environment for cavies is in a household with their owners.  However, cavies can also be housed outside as long as their cage/hutch provides proper ventilation to avoid respiratory infection and protection from wind, direct sun, rain, extreme cold, and predators.  If cavies are housed outside, the ideal temperature range should be approximately 65-75˚ at all times, as guinea pigs are not tolerant to cold temperatures.


imagesCavies should have an indoor cage that is ideally 24” x 24” x 18”, but no smaller than 24” x 18” x 18”, with a solid plastic bottom.  These types of cages can be purchased at Petsmart or Petco.  We clean our cages twice a week with a bleach and water solution (1:10 ratio), and we line the bottom of the cage with soft wood shavings that can be purchased from local feed stores for $5-$6; this is much less expensive than buying shavings from well-known pet store chains and the shavings give a nice soft/warm platform for the cavy’s bare feet and also helps to absorb odors.




jpgGuinea pigs can also be kept in a wooden hutch outside as long as the hutch is placed in a safe environment that is away from extreme cold, strong heat, wind, predators, and where the temperature is approximately 65-75˚ at all times.  A wooden hutch provides quite enough protection from wind, but cavies can still be effected by extreme heat and cold.  Hutches are best to be placed in a secure area, preferably in a structured building or garage.  However, we prefer using wire cages with plastic bottoms for our cavies.




Cavy supplies can be purchased from online vendors or at larger upcoming ARBA shows.  Please visit our links page to see some of our favorite online supply vendors.