Routine Needs


Maintaining Good Health…

A good health care program includes trimming nails, making sure their eyes, nose, feet, bums, and skin are clean and free from infection, keeping an eye on their teeth, watching for possible signs of disease, and implementing an effective deworming plan that meets the needs for your cavy.  Below are examples of measures that we use to keep our cavies happy and healthy.



SafeguardFor de-worming, liquid Fenbendazole/Safe-guard suspension wormer (100 mg/mL) at a rate of .2cc per lb in the spring and fall, once a day for five days, is an effective pinworm treatment.  As a preventative measure after large shows, Fenbendazole can be administered once at a rate of .1cc per lb.  Safe-Guard, manufactured by Intervet/Farnam, is commonly available for purchase from local Ag/Feed stores and is packaged in a bottle marked “for Goats”; this is the same strength and product we purchase from our vet to deworm our cavies.

While probiotics, like Ben-Bac, Fastrack, or Probios, are designed to help cavies to maintain and repopulate gut flora during deworming, pre-biotics, like Bio-Mos, are also effective at removing bad bacteria and improving vital hind gut flora.  Administering prebiotics or probiotics orally a day or two before deworming and a few days post treatment that can alter the gastrointestinal flora can be very beneficial.  As always, provide unlimited fresh quality hay and water when treating for worms and consult with your vet to obtain the best possible treatment plan to meet your cavies’ needs.

Fur Mites

In certain regions or during times when fur mites are a problem, treating with “Revolution” (available from your vet) at a dosage rate of 6-10 mg/kg per pound of body weight, applied topically between the shoulder blades for 1x/month for 1-2 months, will usually eradicate mites while effectively deworming your cavies also. Using the lowest suggested dosage rate by our vet (6 mg/kg per pound), the application rate comes out to .025cc of Revolution per pound (or 0.05cc for a 2 pound cavy). We found that it is much more cost effective to buy the teal colored box (treats 40-80 lb dogs) which includes three 2.0ml tubes (240 mg/each tube) over smaller sized treatment options.  The teal box contains enough Revolution to treat forty – 2 lb cavy applications in each tube or 120 applications per box…and as an added perk, Revolution’s shelf life is forever!  Simply draw up the solution from the tube using a smaller 0.5cc or 1cc syringe and then remove the needle tip from the syringe so the solution can be administered topically, as needed by weight, for each cavy infected or for prevention (summer show season).

IvomecAs a second choice treatment for fur mites, 1% Ivomec Cattle Injectable can be administered orally at rate of 0.4ml/kg once a week for three weeks.  Please know that Ivomec is eliminated from the system much faster (week) than the Revolution (30 days) and that Ivomec can also cause liver damage or failure if overdosed.  Revolution is safest and most effective treatment for fur mites.  

As always, please consult with your vet to obtain the best possible treatment plan to meet your cavy’s individual and environmental needs.